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Learning Outcomes 

Community Needs Assessment

Learn techniques for assessing needs, identifying service opportunities, and crafting project proposals.

Course Design and Implementation

Develop course design and knowledge transfer skills.

Reflection and Learning Integration

Reflect on service experiences, connect them to coursework, and recognize gained skills.

Advocacy and Social Change

Advocate for social justice, master strategies for community impact, and use service for positive transformation.

Communication and Collaboration

Develop communication and teamwork skills by collaborating in diverse groups, and learn how to resolve conflicts in service teams.

Global Service Learning

Engage in cross-cultural relationships through service.

Leadership in Service

Develop leadership in service, inspire others to engage, and provide mentorship to fellow learners.

Capstone Service Learning Project

Create a multimedia final project that reflects and conveys your transformative journey.

Service Learning Showcase

Presentation of capstone projects to share insights, and celebrate the collective service journey with fellow students in your school.

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