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Coding for Impact

Beyond learning coding for career development, we encourage participants to use their coding skills to drive positive change. Rigorous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms will measure the impact of the program's initiatives.

Youth Empowerment

We want to forster tech education, design thinking and strategic competencis in alignment with local and international job maket needs while strengthening participants' resume for advancing their education and career paths. 

Inspiring Leadership

We aspire to cultivate passionate future leaders ready and eager to make positive impact on their communities and beyond.The program places a strong emphasis on nurturing leadership qualities among participants and beneficiaries.

Global Collaboration

Our program fosters collaboration between African communities and  non-governmental organizations, corporations, and educational institutions. Participants will be able to network with like-minded individuals, both locally and internationally.

Advocacy & Awareness

We want to offer participants the opportunity to give back and become change makers while developing awareness of the challenges faced by African youth. Our service learning program provides an invaluable and transformative life changing experience.

Sustainability & Scalability

We want to create a sustainable model of local communities' development through education, leadership and entrepreneurship which could eventually be expanded accross Africa, Asia and Central America, creating a far-reaching ripple effect of lasting positive change.

The goals for ReCoding Africa are designed to harness the potential of coding skills to drive positive change, equal opportunities and global citizenship awareness among Youth. 

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