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What is ReCoding Africa?
ReCoding Africa is a Service Learning Program aiming at empowering African youth and contributing to the development of local communities on the continent. It provides opportunities for individuals to make a positive impact and create community-driven change through education, leadership, and entrepreneurship.


Who can participate in this Program?
Anyone who is passionate about making a positive impact and believes in community-driven change can participate. Please contact us for details.

What is the mission of this Program?
The program's mission is to contribute to the development of local African communities. It seeks to create positive change by harnessing the energy, skills, and ideas of passionate individuals who want to make a difference.

How can I join the Service Learning Program in Africa?
To join the Program, you should fill in the contact form and we will send you the information to complete the application process. 

What kind of activities or projects can I expect to be involved in?
You will be involved in various activities and projects starting with online training in Design Thinking and Syllabus development based on communities' needs assessment. Then you will be teaching the course/s or workshop/s you decided to develop based on your skills and interests. You will be part of a team and you will be receiving constant mentoring and support.

Is this a free program, or are there any costs involved for participants?
The cost of the six-week program (2 weeks online + 4 weeks in Tanzania) is 2000 euros + international flight. The cost covers internal transport, food,  accommodations, and weekend excursions. Please contact us for more details.

If I don't have the money but want to participate, what can I do?

If you don't have the money to cover the cost of the service learning program but you are seriously interested in participating, we will help you with ideas for organizing fundraising events.


What is the expected time commitment for participants?
The time commitment required for participants is 6 weeks from the end of June to  August 11, 2024.

Will there be training or orientation for participants?
Yes, our program provides two weeks of online training as described above, as well as onsite orientation to help participants understand the local context, project goals, and best practices for community development. Details about training and orientation will be provided by the program organizers.


How can I learn more or get in touch with the organizers of the Service Learning  Program in Africa?
To learn more about the program or get in touch with the organizers, you can fill in this contact form.


What impact can I expect to make as a Service Learning Student in Africa?
Your impact can be significant and meaningful. By participating in this program, you have the opportunity to contribute to empowering over 200 African boys and girls while making a positive impact on their communities. Your efforts can lead to lasting change and improvements in people's lives.


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