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Going Global: The Best Summer Programs for Youth

Updated: Apr 19

R.O.S.A is committed to providing Youth with an enriching experience beyond the ordinary. Our summer programs not only offer an experiential learning opportunity but also cultivate a love for learning, foster friendships, and empower the leaders of tomorrow. Join ReCoding Africa and make this summer a season of growth, discovery, and joy for yourself and young minds in Tanzania. Together, let's create social impact and sustainable local development through education, leadership, and entrepreneurship in African communities.


Conservation through Education

In Namibia, we experienced a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the captivating landscapes of the ancient Namib Desert, highest sand dunes, and ship-wrecked coastline, while learning about desert ecology, wildlife conservation, and traditional indigenous tribes.


Environmental Awareness

We experienced the enchanting beauty of Malta's Mediterranean paradise while discovering the delicate balance of marine ecosystems through activities in marine conservation. We explored the island's scenic landscapes and historical sites while embracing sustainable living in a Nature Reserve. Malta's Green Summer Camp delivered an unforgettable blend of adventure and environmental education.


Green Summer Camp

Our Green Summer Camp in Rome promoted inclusive and multicultural education and broadened students' environmental awareness. Participants played team sports and engaged in workshops on recycling, renewable energy, organic farming, theater, music, art, and outdoor yoga.


The summer programs run by R.O.S.A. provide Youth with an exceptional, enriching experience. Every program, from conservation through education in Namibia to environmental awareness in Malta and Green Summer Camp in Rome to Service Learning in Tanzania, aims to develop a love of learning, build friendships, and equip the leaders of tomorrow with hard and soft skills. Come share in the life-changing experience provided by ReCoding Africa, the service learning program we are launching this summer in Tanzania, Africa. We will work together to create a memorable summer of fun, growth, and discovery for everyone as we prepare African students to be future leaders and changemakers.

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